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“We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature” 

         -- Edmund Burke --


Impetus. Experience. Diligence.

Mindsline is a boutique, professional group of Global collaborators with distinct expertise. We enable our clients to grow and transform by providing relevant and applicable learning facilitation and consulting services in a functional and engaging way, utilizing Applied Agile Framework, Design Thinking and other innovative techniques. 

Our team of selected experts integrate their relevant professional expertise with the applicable facilitation methods to execute a tailored and culturally mindful approach.  Mindsliners craft comprehensive solutions for lasting learning results.


Our Services

We Add Value by Sharing Our Knowledge with You

Mindsline mission is to help our clients acquire the necessary knowledge to tackle business challenges targeted to transform their business. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We leverage a broad range of knowledge sharing methods as solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their goals, optimize performance and productivity, and the emergence of innovation through the facilitation of knowledge acquisition


Experiential Learning

Knowledge "Applied" to YOUR Business

Our Agile “Applied” Approach  is utilized by our experts to facilitate learning for our client in their business domain, contextualizing it for the industry and their specific business needs and delivering it in an innovative, customized way

Contextual Coaching

 "Learn by Doing"

Coaching in an active, practical way, with actual business challenges to solve issues and acquire skills through doing the work yourself is the most effective way to learn. This is why our unique method of coaching is integrated within the way in which we facilitate learning for lasting knowledge acquisition.

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Collaborative Consulting

"Validate and Reshape Ideas to Innovate"

Making business decisions, short and long term, will benefit from experience not always available within organizations. Our experts network cover a great range of business domains, and will share their knowledge and practical experience for the emergence and validation of your ideas and to come up with a plan to implement them.

Workshop Design & Facilitation

Maximize your Meeting Investment

Effective workshops require a methodic design process, in order to maximize the output from both time and cost investments. Mindsliners utilize Agile and Design Thinking techniques as the foundation to create tailor-made, culture-conscious  solutions to each client needs.


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The Lead Team

Where the Passion Begins


Marelys L Garcia

Mindsliner & Co-Founder

Co-founder of Mindslines, Marelys is a graduate of Florida International University where she received a M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

As a Sr Global Strategy Leader at IBM Supply Chain & Procurement Organization, Marelys developed expertise in Agile and Design Thinking methods. Through the use of these techniques on client engagements as a business enabler to grow and deliver faster results to market, Marelys became Agile Facilitator,  SAFe , & KMP certified, which ultimately was the genesis of Mindslines.

“As a Mindsliner, I believe in the power that comes from having an extensive network, asking relevant questions, & continuously learn, and the satisfaction one gets from sharing what we have & paying it forward”.

John Garcia

Mindsliner & Co-Founder

John brings over 15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing. A Marketing graduate from Baruch College in New York, John started his professional career developing Media strategy and planning for Blue-Chip advertisers.  

After successfully serving as Media Director, John continued to grow his business acumen in the Television industry serving as the lead of Creative Sales Solutions Latin America & the U.S. Hispanic market. In a fragmented and highly competitive environment of Television sales, John was able to exceed every year’s revenue goal, substantially driving major growth in underpenetrated markets. 

“As a Mindsliner, I reorganize and re-envision the client’s Sales and Marketing challenges to deliver important business benefits in a leaner and more business-focused way”.


Bhavna Karani

Managing Partner

As a Partner, Bhavna brings in her expertise in HR, Talent, and Learning Development in diverse industries such as Banking, FMCGs and Advertising, working in multicultural environments. As a Global Talent Director at Havas, she acquired her passion and commitment to innovate in the area of L&D and Corporate Culture. She is currently prototyping and developing Learning facilitation solutions for organizations to enable high performing, motivated and empowered teams.
“As a Mindsliner, I am an advocate of involving individuals and teams to co- create a company culture that recognizes the importance of empowering each employee in its success, taking ownership of their own learning and development and actively seeking for continuous improvement and happiness at work”

Some of Our Projects

Helping Businesses Transform

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Regional Growth Strategy Definition


Customer Satisfaction Improvement Campaign

Women Voting

Elevating Communication Skills for Client Recognition

Facilitate growth strategy with SMART, transformational initiatives

A strategic session facilitation(s) with the clients Regional Leadership team, utilizing Agile facilitation techniques resulted in the emergence and definition of a strategy consisting of new SMART initiatives, bold and innovative, which exceeded growth targets expectations in an inclusive, and collaborative way. The Strategy development methodology was featured at the global corporate level for its effectiveness & success.

A plan to elevate the customer experience inspired from within

The application of our innovative DART methodology resulted in the conception of a customer satisfaction campaign that originated from the client's desire to improve client sat ratings and the creativity of our marketing and industry experts, who assemble a collaborative plan to surprise and delight our client's customer, for a lasting business engagement and positive client service ratings.

Definition of the problem as the key to solution design

Clients often know what they want to accomplish but not always can correctly point to the real issues. Our DART discovery session determined improvement in communication skills were required to elevate the client experience and obtain the needed recognition for success to be the ideal partner. A communication learning experience was delivered and embraced with immediate results realized by the client.


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